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Water Features in your Landscape

Our water feature experts can create nature's music in your back yard by installing any feature. From the simplicity of a column rock spilling water from its top to a large waterfall and pond, there is one that can be developed for your yard and budget.

What is a Water Rock?

A water rock provides an aesthetically pleasing way of introducing the sound and sight of water to your landscape for a reasonable price and requires less maintenance than a pond, even with a filter and skimmer system.

The rock it self is generally a piece of basalt quarried here in the Northwest for its unique columnar shape. We can get these beautiful pieces in various heights, and they can easily be drilled for plumbing.

There are several options in the set up of this water feature. Most of the hassle of maintaining a water feature can be avoided by keeping the level of the water below the level of the river rock that we generally set the column rocks into.

Dry Creek Beds

Give the illusion of a natural stream bed running through your backyard, without having the fuss of maintaining a water feature. Allow us to create a dry creek bed that meanders through a landscape bed. Boulders also make natural accent pieces in and along the course of the stream bed.

This feature is a great solution for managing a difficult site drainage situation. Drainage tile or piping can easily be incorporated into the low point of bed.